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Sometimes Professional Help Is Best

Why Use a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

Advanced drying technology, public awareness on environmental issues, increased liability, more demanding claimants, are just a few reasons why handling water damage in Cedar Park loss requires more expert knowledge than ever before.

Moisture Intrusion

Toxic molds can create liability problems; Broaden your awareness! Below Рis some advice about moisture intrusion situations that may be symptomatic of a future mold problem. Due to their prolific nature, toxic molds can secrete spores that contain mycotoxins, which are highly mobile and can lodge in the lungs, brain and digestive tract. It is believed by many health care professionals that once lodged in the body they may cause headaches, nosebleeds, respiratory problems and even death.

Risk Of Developing Mold

Any structure with water leaks, sewage backflows,water damage in Austin TX or a history of unwanted moisture intrusion is at risk for developing toxic mold. High humidity increases the risk of mold. Poor housekeeping practices can increase the risk of mold. According to USEPA, building owners and property managers should make enquires to determine if toxic mold could be a problem for their property.

  1. Are there existing moisture problems associated with the structure?
  2. Have building materials, including new lumber, sheetrock or any other porous building material, including carpets, been wet for more than 48 hours?
  3. Are there hidden sources of water, or is the humidity, naturally occurring or human-made high enough to cause condensation?
  4. Are building occupants reporting musty or moldy odors?
  5. Are building occupants reporting health problems?
  6. Are building materials or furnishings visibly damaged by moisture?
  7. Has routine maintenance been delayed, or has the maintenance plan been altered?
  8. Has the property recently been remodeled, or has the building’s zone use changed?

If any of those questions are answered yes or if you suspect that it may be possible that any recent alteration may have compromised the buildings moisture barriers, property managers or building owners should seek the advice of a water damage and mold remediation professional.